Uggs Black Friday

Uggs Black Friday
In 1978 the United States Southern California beach, full of sunshine, agreeable and vitality, UGG is born from here and " on " Fashion — from ready for occupation surfer &quot " wool boots;, to rage, four seasons fashion goods, create the incomparable &quot birth of every pair of UGG the shoes are the world fans; wool, as well as the one and only &quot experience; dress to enjoy.
Black Friday Uggs 2013
In 2013 September, UGG ushered in the 35 anniversary of China, and specially selected first store – Beijing blue harbor shop, UGG was founded 35 anniversary celebration held global Chinese station, at the same time to celebrate the 5 anniversary of the brand in china. As UGG President Constance X. Rishwain said the brand: " 35 years, UGG have already exceeded the trend itself, become synonymous with luxury and comfort. "
Black Friday Uggs
The autumn of September Beijing Ambilight, and the night is starry blue harbour: party scene of colorful, UGG specially invited numerous fashion, art and entertainment celebrities gathered, and offer special design, elaborate gifts, UGG young, brilliant 35 years to do not have meaning the precious gift.
Black Friday Uggs Deals
The star, celebrity stage one by one for on site set off a small climax. Including the famous interior designer and DARA home furnishing founder Jiang Peng, famous photographer and jewelry designer high source, musician and designer Gia Wang, independent fashion designer Ye Qian, brand friends have released personally design. Both the distinctive taste of life practical home furnishing, or filled with fashion and personality inspiration, each piece together all their wishes for UGG. The activities of the vertex is the song of the film star Julian Cheung and Hongkong actor Cherrie Ying shine on stage – has created many classic screen image of Julian Cheung will perform the common point and fashion to personally designed the &quot &quot theme; face; wool boots gifts to the brand, with Chinese style color and a symbol of " change " Sun Wukong image for interpretation of the classic, innovative UGG; and all the people of sweet beauty, and was just promoted to mother Cherrie Ying sent to the celebration cake loving, sincere congratulations on the 35 anniversary of the introduction of UGG in, and all the guests to share her mother for the first step of life, a new level of joy and excitement. In response, UGG will own classic and fashion series shoes give the brand friends, wish them on the road of art for the future, acting beyond, more success for.
Uggs Black Friday Sale
UGG 35 anniversary limited wave series
Uggs Black Friday 2013
As UGG for the portrait of the 35 year anniversary of the gift, and thank the fans around the world with UGG together, based on the brand woolen boots, sandals and sports shoes and a variety of classic products, UGG has crafted wave series symbolizes the vitality of the young, free and happy; as the number of &quot syndrome brand establishment year; 78" embroidery patterns with retro Polka Dot details, to create a campus another amorous feelings of nostalgia. At the same time the curtain and special events from September 26th to October 2nd, Black Friday Uggs Sale,when the UGG global retail stores will collective " &quot, " transformation; through " back to the 1978 southern California beach, filled with nostalgic atmosphere of posters, unique sense of the times of the audio data and recording time commemorative photos, for fans bring comfortable from the sunshine, beach and UGG and leisurely. In the meantime, shopping fans have the opportunity to receive a canvas shopping bag specially designed, decorated with UGG 35 anniversary LOGO pattern; in addition, UGG, China’s eighteen designated retail stores more fans prepared a surprise gift – to shop with a chance to win UGG shoes and surprise award, for fall and winter dress brings different fashion!
Uggs Black Friday Deals